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avatar for David Blumberg

David Blumberg

VC, US and Israeli Technology
avatar for Rafi Danziger

Rafi Danziger

Senior Research Advisor and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
avatar for Deborah Eliezer

Deborah Eliezer

Co-Artistic Director, Performer
avatar for Moshe Elitzur

Moshe Elitzur

Astrophysicist and Astronomer
avatar for Rob Eshman

Rob Eshman

Publisher, Editor, Journalist, Writer
avatar for Sue Fishkoff

Sue Fishkoff

Editor, Journalist, Author
avatar for Alex Furman

Alex Furman

Technology, Genetics and Data
avatar for Daniel Henkin

Daniel Henkin

Pioneer of Jewish a Cappella, Choir Master
avatar for Zvi Hirschfield

Zvi Hirschfield

Teacher of Talmud, Halacha and Jewish Thought
avatar for Daniel Landes

Daniel Landes

Talmud Scholar and Teacher
avatar for Marc Levine

Marc Levine

Chair, Cal Legislative Jewish Caucus, State Assembly
avatar for Marty Nemko

Marty Nemko

Public Radio Host, Career Coach
avatar for Noga Brenner Samia

Noga Brenner Samia

Deputy Director, BINA
avatar for Andrew  Silow-Carroll

Andrew Silow-Carroll

Journalist. Editor-in-Chief, JTA.
avatar for Sara Weissman

Sara Weissman

Correspondent. Editor-in-Chief, New Voices Magazine.